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Vitruvian Fairy

More Like "Prince Creepy"

So I've given up on Hans Christian Anderson for the time being, partly because there are almost no fairies, elves, goblins, giants and other fantastical creatures in his stories (Little Mermaid and Thumbelina aside), and partly because he's just so freaking gloomy and depressing! Not the mood I'm going for with this language.

So I've moved on to the Grimms. The collection I got has the older versions of the stories, from before all the violence and scary stuff was edited out, which I prefer. One thing I read today disturbed me though.

I was reading Little Snow White, and was surprised when it stated quite clearly that Snow White was 7 years old when she surpassed her stepmother in beauty and the queen ordered her killed. It doesn't say how long she stayed with the 7 dwarfs, but it doesn't seem to have been that long. She was small enough to use one of their beds.

The disturbing part comes after she's poisoned, and the prince comes along. Prince "Charming" (he isn't named in the text) is so enchanted by Snow White's beauty that he tries to buy her (apparently dead) body from the dwarfs. And when he accidentally wakes her up, he takes her home and marries her right away. A 7 year old girl.

I know the accepted age of consent wasn't always as high as it is today, but most societies at least wait for puberty to set in!