June 18th, 2012

Vitruvian Fairy


Prepositions precede indirect objects, causing lenition where appropriate. Below are the most common preps in FairyLang.

yd - to, indicates giving
ad - to, for the benefit of
adar - to, indicates movement toward

yg - from, indicates receiving
ag - from, on behalf of
agar - from, indicates movement away from

yr - near
ar - at, on, in

Of (genitives)
yb - of, indicates a possessor
ab - of, indicates origin
sy - of, regarding
sa - of, made of, indicates composition

sys - with, using, indicates use of a tool or material
pa - with, indicates a possession (reverse genitive)

yf - by, indicates the actor of a gerund or passive participle

* Prepositions with A as their vowel(s) agree with the gender of the noun they modify. i.e. adar becomes edar, udar, œdar or odar in context.