January 14th, 2013

Vitruvian Fairy

Question Words

fad who
khad what
rad where
adrad to where
agrad from where
yl when
ashad why
shata how

Question words go at the start of a sentence, before the verb. In the cases of fad (who) and khad (what), the noun in they represent in the sentence is either replaced by mas (said), or left out, if the meaning is clear without it.

Adrad shin nyn?
To-where go you?
Where are you going to?

Khad isan nas mas? or Khad isan nas?
What eat you said? or What eat you?
What are you eating?

Fad ikhun mias dyrte?
Who bake said(past) cake(dir obj)?
Who baked the cake?
In this case, if mas is dropped, the sentence will lose its tense marking, but if it would be understood in context without it, it can still be dropped.

When asking what someone or something is doing, use the pattern khad nwinya yf (actor) (other objects).

Khad nwinya yf wysu sy barkhu?
What doing by cat of dog?
What's the cat doing to the dog?