January 16th, 2013

Vitruvian Fairy

Relative Clauses: Part 1

The particle na marks the start of a relative clause. The noun preceeding it is the subject of that clause. Na is often roughly translated as "that is/was/will be".

The simplest form of relative clause consists of a single noun phrase following the particle. The verb is assumed to be ni (to be, do), and the noun can be tense marked to indicate former, current, or future states, relative to the subject.

banu na vamale
woman(pres) rel lover(dir.obj-pres)
the woman who is my lover

banu na vamalie
woman(pres) rel lover(dir.obj-past)
the woman who used to be my lover

banu na vamalei
woman(pres) rel lover(dir.obj-fut)
the woman who is going to be my lover

tyrtie na ar lapa
cake(past) rel at table(pres)
the cake that was on the table

tyrtie na ar lapia
cake(past) rel at table(past)
the cake that had been on the table

tyrtie na ar lapai
cake(past) rel at table(fut)
the cake that was going to be on the table