January 30th, 2013

Vitruvian Fairy

Cause to Be

nin verb, neutral
to cause to be

The thing being acted upon (being cause to be something) takes direct object marking. There usually has to be an indirect object to make a complete sentence.

Nin miyn dyrte ar takh
Cause.to.be me-past cake-dir.obj at roof
I caused the cake to be on the roof

When the object is being made to be something, or to possess some quality, that object takes the preposition sy (of, regarding).

Nin miyn mvambaro sy jafu
Cause.to.be me-past vampire-dir.obj of ash
I made the vampire into ashes

Nin niyn valsa yb wyn sy valu
Cause.to.be you-past hair-dir.obj of me of beauty
You made my hair beautiful (note the use of a noun instead of an adjective)

And when an object is being made to DO something, a relativizer na is used.

Nin naltie myn na pelmi
Cause.to.be music-past me rel dance
The music made me dance

Nin can be suffixed to intransitive verbs to turn them into transitive verbs, or to some transitive verbs to change the direction of the action.

khashi (to burn) -> khashanin (to set fire to)
buchi (to fall) -> bachunin (to cause to fall)
tafris (to fear, be afraid of) -> tafrasnin (to scare, make afraid)
ilnub (to know) -> ulnabnin (to teach a fact, cause to know)