FairyLang (fairylang) wrote,

Non-Literal Applications of Gender

Gender in FairyLang won't just be applied literally, to things that are exclusive or native to one realm or another, but also more loosely, to things and concepts that have characteristics associated with one realm or another, bearing in mind that this will be a language OF fairies, not just a language ABOUT fairies, and their perceptions will color the choice of gender.

Fairies see themselves as peaceful, pure, wise, sophisticated and appreciative of beauty, and humans as brash, impulsive, culturally primitive (but technologically superior) and driven by their baser needs. In reality, many humans are wise and sophisticated, and many fairies are impulsive and vulgar (especially if you include gremlins and goblins in the fairy category, which for the purposes of this conlang, I do), but this is about perception.

Toward that end, I'm thinking I should have pairs of words that are the same except for gender, which describe very similar concepts, but implying the preconceptions mentioned above. Here are some ideas for potential gender-differentiated pairs (and triplets):

fairy: natural / human: wild / demon: savage
f: create / h: build
f: wisdom / h: knowledge
f: love / h: lust
f: guardian / h: warrior / d: marauder
f: peace / h: justice / d: revenge

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions.
Tags: concept, gender
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