FairyLang (fairylang) wrote,

Verbs and Intention

Since I'll be marking tense and aspect on nouns, that leaves verbs free, without any markers on them. I could leave it at that, with the verbs completely uninflected, and that might be kinda cool, but instead I think I want to mark something else on them. So I'll mark intentionality.

In other words, I'll put some kind of marking on the verbs to indicate whether the action was intentional or not. I'm thinking I ned three, maybe four variations: intentional, accidental, attempted, and maybe one to mark the imperative (giving orders).

the cat eat-INTENTIONAL the mouse = the cat eats the mouse (on purpose)
the cat eat-ACCIDENTAL the mouse = the cat accidentally eats the mouse (how's that happen?)
the cat eat-ATTEMPTED the mouse = the cat tries to eat the mouse
cat eat-IMPERATIVE the mouse = eat the mouse, cat!

The intentional form would be the natural form, I think. And there will be some additional helper words expressing concepts like "should" and "could."
Tags: concept, intentionality, verbs
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