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Gender and Vowels

A, Y, W and I are gender neutral vowels. They can appear in words of any gender.

E is the fairy-gender vowel.
U is the human-gender vowel.
Πis the angelic-gender vowel.
O is the demonic-gender vowel.

Nouns (and pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions and particles) that begin with a vowel begin with their gendered vowel (usually A for neutral nouns). Nouns that end with a vowel end with their gendered vowel (even if they also start with a vowel). In nouns that begin and end with consonants, the final vowel is gendered. These rules apply to the singular, present tense. Pluralization and conjugation change the pattern.

elyn elf
ugran ogre
myle love
gapu turkey
fythen breeze
danyrug hog

Adjectives follow the same pattern, although most are derived from nouns and those adjectives always end with their gendered vowel.

cynfydje joyful
farygba angry
khalydu fat
baryndo dispair-stricken

Verbs follow a similar pattern except that instead of a gendered vowel, they use I, and the gendered vowel gets bumped to the next spot. i.e. If I is the first vowel, the gendered vowel is the second, and if I is the last vowel, the gendered vowel is second to last. Single syllable verbs don't have a gendered vowel.

igfer to give
idug to jump
ledri to welcome
gunti to build
nerid to enter
gufil to maintain
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