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Grammatical gender in FairyLang has nothing to with gender per se. Rather, it has to do with the idea of parallel realms of existence. There are four grammatical genders associated with four realms, the fairy realm, the human realm (Earth), the angelic realm (heaven), and the demonic realm (hell), and an additional neutral gender. The gender of a word indicates that thing or concept is either native to that realm or (in the perception of the fae) characteristic of that realm.

For example, words for things like "pixie," "goblin" and "elf" are fairy gendered, whereas the words for "ogre," "dwarf," "chicken" and "cow" are human gendered.

Gender isn't just used literally though, but also more loosely, to things and concepts that have characteristics associated with one realm or another, bearing in mind that this is a language OF fairies, not just a language ABOUT fairies, and their perceptions will color the choice of gender.

Fairies see themselves as peaceful, pure, wise, sophisticated and appreciative of beauty, and humans as brash, impulsive, culturally primitive (but technologically superior) and driven by their baser needs. In reality, many humans are wise and sophisticated, and many fairies are impulsive and vulgar (especially if you include gremlins and goblins in the fairy category, which for the purposes of this conlang, I do), but this is about perception.

The angelic gender is used mainly for religious and spiritual concepts, whereas the demonic gender is used for anything wretched, loathesome or evil.

The actual differences between the genders is mainly in the form of a vowel change, but the are also differences in some consonants.
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