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Vitruvian Fairy

Direct Objects

Direct objects are indicated by the preposition an, however in context, the N migrates onto the noun, leaving a behind. Often, the remaining a is dropped, but the migrated N remains.

When the noun begins with a vowel, the N simply gets tacked on.

an elyn > a nelyn > nelyn
an uryg > a nuryg > nuryg
an abyran > a nabyran > nabyran

When the noun begins with a consonant, a nasal mutation is caused. The nasal mutation turns unvoiced consonants into voiced, tacks an associated nasal onto voiced plosives, group 1 fricatives, L and R, turns group 2 fricatives into NG, and leaves nasals untouched.


an pate > a bate > bate
an cara > a gara > gara
an bacu > a mbacu > mbacu
an dakhu > a ndakhu > ndakhu
an samar > a zamar > zamar
an khantu > a ngantu > ngantu
an rale > a nrale > nrale
an makhu > a makhu > makhu