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Core Vocabulary: People

fa person
tan man
pan woman
ancyn child

fe, fen* fae, person of the fairy realm
ten fae man
pan fae woman
encyn fae child

shythe, she** "good" or "light" fae
pwcel, cape** goblin, "bad" or "dark" fae
tylthe fairy, winged fae
elyn elf, unwinged fae
pysce pixie

vu, vun* human, person of the human realm
danu human man
banu human woman
uncyn human child

ulan human
zwarukh dwarf
namu gnome
ugran, zhatun** giant, ogre
balcu troll

* Dialectal/personal choice variations. No difference in meaning.
** Same basic meaning, but different implications.
Tags: conlang, vocabulary

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