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Tense Marking Nouns

Nouns, not verbs, are marked for tense in FairyLang. The unmarked forms are present tense, and they can be marked for past or future with the following pattern:

In the past tense, an I is inserted before the gendered vowel. If the gendered vowel is a Y, and it is not followed by a consonant, Y changes to A. If it is followed by a consonant, it can remain Y or change to A (personal choice/dialectal).

myn > miyn, mian
mysu > mysiu
pwcel > pwciel
uryg > iuryg
elyn > ielyn

In the future tense, a Y is added after the gendered vowel. When Y is the gendered vowel, it always changes to A.

myn > mayn
mysu > mysuy
pwcel > pwceyl
uryg > uyryg
elyn > eylyn
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