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Vitruvian Fairy

Tense Structure: Tier 2

Tense marking on direct objects is relative to the subject and indicates aspect (perfect, imperfect, predictive/intentional).

Isan dasu napiysh.
Eat mouse(pres) cheese(dir-obj, past).
The mouse has eaten the cheese.

Isan dasu napysh.
Eat mouse(pres) cheese(dir-obj, pres).
The mouse is eating the cheese.

Isan dasu napaysh.
Eat mouse(pres) cheese(dir-obj, fut).
The mouse is going to eat the cheese. / The mouse intends to eat the cheese.

Indirect objects are usually unmarked.

Isan dasiu napaysh ar abad.
Eat mouse(past) cheese(dir-obj, fut) at floor.
The mouse was going to eat the cheese on the floor.


Have I told you lately how much I love your tense marking system? Because I do. It's so very nice, despite that this is all kind of hard for me to pronounce.
Thanks so much! Wait 'til you see the third tier I just added.

When I get up the courage, I'll record some videos, for example, of my Three Little Pigs translation. That ought to help with pronunciation.