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Vitruvian Fairy

Tense Structure: Tier 3 (Updated)

Genitives and reverse genitives can also be marked for tense. This tense marking is relative to the object being modified.

dakhu yb miyn/mian
house of me(past)
the house that was mine

dakhu yb myn
house of me(pres)
my house / the house that is mine

dakhu yb mayn
house of me(fut)
the house that will be mine

banu bu mysniuna malam
woman with cat(pl-past) 12
the woman who used to have a dozen cats

banu bu mysuna malam
woman with cat(pl-pres) 12
the woman with a dozen cats

banu by mysuyna malam
woman with cat(pl-fut) 12
the woman who's going to have a dozen cats


Ah, that's so cool! It makes thing so concise. I love love love the tense marking system so much. I hope you make vids soon. XD
Thanks so much! I'm kind of surprised how well it's working out.