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Core Vocabulary: Colors

Fae are tetrachromats, meaning they have four different kinds of color sensing cone cells in their eyes instead of three, like humans. This lets them see a wider spectrum of colors than (most) humans. Specifically, they have an extra high energy cone that allows then to see true violet and some of the ultra-violet spectrum. This also means that they see purple (blue and red light mixed) and true violet (higher frequency than blue) as separate and distinct colors.

Primary Colors
red - lash
green - gam
blue - ynad
violet - shel

Secondary Colors
yellow (red/green) - khacha
cyan (green/blue) - achan
indigo (blue/violet) - ugas
magenta (violet/red) - sher

Additional Secondaries
purple (red/blue) - lashnad
green/violet - gamshel
ultra-violet - chame

black, dark - naf
white, light (in color) - efyth
gray - chaca
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