FairyLang (fairylang) wrote,

Core Vocab: Ordinal Numbers

malda 1st
chwlda 2nd
nylda 3rd
calda 4th
fwlda 5th
sylda 6th
mashta 7th
tyshta 8th
nyshta 9th
cashta Ath (10th)
fwshta Bth (11th)

malymba 10th (12th)
chwlymba 20th (24th)
nylymba 30th (36th)
calymba 40th (48th)
fwlymba 50th (60th)
sylymba 60th (72nd)
mashymba 70th (84th)
tyshymba 80th (96th)
nyshymba 90th (108th)
cashymba A0th (120th)
fwshymba B0th (132nd)

malydja 100th (144th)

syshta last
Tags: conlang, numbers, vocabulary

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