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Using Numbers

FairyLang has a base 12 number system. See Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers for the names of all the numbers.

When reciting multi-digit numbers, either the highest or lowest digit can come first. For example, 123* can be either:

malad chwlam nyl 100, 20, 3
nyl chwlam malad 3, 20, 100

Multi-digit ordinal numbers are the same. Either order is acceptable. Only the last digit recited uses the ordinal variant. So 123rd can be either:

malad chwlam nylda 100, 20, 3rd
nyl chwlam malydja 3, 20, 100th

Fractions are expressed with the preposition yb (of, usually expressing possession). The order is always numerator then denominator, and the denominator undergoes an initial consonant lenition.

mal yb shwl one of two (one half)
chwl yb yyl two of three (two thirds)
nyl yb khal three of four (three quarters)

* 123 is equivalent to 171 in base 10.
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