FairyLang (fairylang) wrote,


usham cloud
eshym fog, mist
echys rain
uchas hard rain, downpour
shyra snow
fythen breeze
vasun wind

khuf hot
hef warm
cheth cool
jus cold

Rather than saying, "It's raining," or "it's sunny," like in English, the phrasing is, "rain is falling," and "sun is shining."

zhi zalu the sun is shining
buchi echys a light rain is falling
buchi uchas a heavy rain is falling
buchi shyra snow is falling
nib eshym fog is sitting (i.e. there is fog sitting on the ground, it's foggy)
fasra bu ushammwa the sky is with clouds (i.e. there are clouds in the sky)
(ni) khalydu fasra bu ushammwa the sky is fat with clouds (i.e. is it overcast)
fethin fythen a breeze is blowing
vusin vasun a wind is blowing

lu khuf the day is hot
fasa hef the air is warm
fythen cheth the breeze is cool
le jus the night is cold
Tags: conlang, syntax, vocabulary

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