FairyLang (fairylang) wrote,

Relative Clauses: Part 2

When the verb of a relative clause is something other than ni, it goes AFTER the noun phrase(s), at the end of the clause.


Ilugan mysiu ar abad. Shyltin miyn mysu.
Vomit cat-past at floor. Scold I-past cat-dir.obj.
The cat vomited on the floor. I scolded the cat.

Shyltin miyn mysu na ar iabad ilugan.
Scold I-past cat-dir.obj rel at floor-past vomit.
I scolded the cat that had vomited on the floor.

P.S. It occurs to me that my choices of example sentences reveal a lot about what my daily life is like. Mostly references to food, cats, and cleaning up after cats.
Tags: conlang, grammar, relative clauses

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