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Relative Clauses: Part 3

When a relative clause has more than one noun phrase, it must end with a verb, even if that verb is ni.

Tafris myn ndaru na ar takh yr zhasharu ni.
Fear me wolf-dir.obj rel at roof near chimney is.
I'm afraid of the wolf that is on the roof, near the chimney.

Relative clauses can be nested. Each one starts with na and follows all the same rules of word order.


mysu na ar lapa yr namar ni
cat rel at table near door is
the cat that is on the table, near the door
i.e. describes the cat as being both on the table and near the door.

mysu na ar lapa na yr namar
cat rel at table rel near door
the cat that is on the table near the door
i.e. describes the cat as being on the table and the table as being near the door.
Tags: conlang, grammar, relative clauses

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