FairyLang (fairylang) wrote,

Consonants: Velars and Uvulars

These are the sounds and rules present in the list versions of words. Some sounds will change in context due to consonant mutations, and possibly other factors.

Also, some of the sounds in FairyLang aren't easily represented in the roman alphabet, so I'm having to come up with some creative orthographies.

C / G / Q / GQ - velar and uvular plosives
- Velar in fairy, neutral and human genders
- Uvular in demonic gender
- Always voiced at the end of a syllable
- Otherwise unvoiced in fairy and demonic genders
- Voiced when word-initial in neutral and human genders

KH / QH - velar and uvular fricatives
- Velar in fairy, neutral and human genders (should sound softer, almost like H in fairy)
- Uvular in demonic gender
- Always unvoiced

NG - velar nasal
- Not used in list versions of words, only in mutated versions of other sounds
Tags: orthography, phonemics
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